22k Gold, Leaf Cold Formed and Diamond Earrings

22k Gold, Sand Dollar Twist Earrings

22k Gold, Blue Tourmaline Spiral Earrings

22k Gold, Fresh Water Pearl Spiral Earrings

Cold forming and Chasing Argentium Silver and Pearl Hairpiece

Chasing and Repoussé Argentium Silver and 22k Gold Hairpiece

22k Gold and Argentium Silver leaf Bracelet

“Dim Sum” 22k Gold cold formed dumpling and textured Meat with Natural Jadeite Pea and Meat colored [Brownish/Red] Natural Diamonds Brooch, Side and Top Views

Carbon Fiber Tubing, Pearls and 18k Gold Handmade Tube Clasp

“War and Peace” Argentium Silver Handmade Chain Maille necklace and Chasing and Repoussé Medieval Shields, 22k Gold Hand Fabricated Peace Sign, Wire-wrapped Bullet Pearls, Blood colored Tear Garnets, Plastic Toy Guns.

“Wedding=Love” 22k Gold Chasing and Repoussé Double Heart with Emeralds and Garnets Candle Holder